The H20 is subsequently sent to a conventional backup H20 heater to supply the hot H20. Water (or a different fluid) is pumped through the solar collectors employing a little electric pump. Should youn’t utilize much hot water this might not be a vital consideration. This solar heated water is subsequently transported into your present water heater. Solar hot water is a great investment.

On your roof, the system appears much like a top quality skylight. A solar hot water process is the perfect remedy to reduce ever rising energy expenses. Solar hot water techniques collect energy from sunlight in panels or tubes. When you see how good you feel to your solar hot water system, you’re going to be on the lookout for other methods to lessen your usage of utility energy.

If you prefer to remain with a conventional sort of water heater, we’re very happy to represent General Electric’s GeoSpring Hybrid hot water system. Which isn’t to say solar water heaters don’t have any drawbacks. Say you own a gas water heater. The air distribution method described above can do the job quite nicely with a traditional gas water heater for a backup.

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