Natural Methods of Pregnancy Postpartum Pain Relief

Contractions are a natural part of pregnancy and women experience these in their third trimester, but it is always a relief to hear them because the baby can be heard moving around. The actual sound that contractions produce has a specific pitch and will differ from one woman to another. A common method of pain relief during contractions is to take nitroglycerin to mask the pain. Nitroglycerin is a well-known narcotic and has been used for centuries. Other women will use a breathing machine, or “carry on” which is an apparatus that enables women to breathe normally during the contraction.

There are other ways of using all natural remedies during contractions for pain, and these remedies can be very effective in alleviating the pain during some very stressful and unpleasant contractions. One way is to use a warm cucumber during the contractions. Place the cucumber cut-side down and slowly place it in the vagina. This will be an effective way of relaxing the muscles around the cervix and making them relax and widen during the contraction. Another effective method is to use a hot shower. During the contractions it is normal for the bladder to become extremely full, and it is a good idea to hold the urine for a few minutes to keep the bladder empty for as long as possible.

A third way of easing pain during contractions is to reach up to the middle and/or upper thighs. Touching the thighs will help keep the blood flowing through the whole body at a more natural rate. In addition, during the middle and upper thighs, the pressure between the uterus and the bladder will reduce, so holding the feet in this position can help maintain a slightly higher than normal bladder pressure, which will make the contractions easier.

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